DLL Merchandising Shop

1. the shipment will be made by the carrier that is the most suitable for the destination address mentioned. Within Germany, this is DHL by default.

2. we ship worldwide. Please understand that there may be extended transit times for third country shipping and additional costs for export documents, for example. We do not assume any costs for customs and other import duties. These will be charged - if applicable - directly to the customer.


Shipping costs

Shipping within Germany:

The flat rate for shipping within Germany including shipping packaging is 9.50 EUR / freight piece. Packages are selected so that freight is sent cheapest.

Shipping costs within the EU:

The flat rate shipping costs for shipments within the EU including shipping packaging is 14.90 EUR / freight piece. Packages are selected so that freight cheapest is sent.

Shipping costs to third countries:

The shipping flat rate for shipments to a third country incl. shipping packaging is 25.90 EUR / freight piece. This is due to the particularly high administrative costs for shipments outside the EU. 


Delivery times

Delivery time national:

The delivery time is usually three working days from receipt of order. Please understand that this standard value cannot always be met in times of particularly high parcel volumes (e.g. before Christmas). Therefore, please plan with more lead time during these periods.

International delivery times:

The delivery time internaonally is usually one week, but is always dependent on the respective country and the possible obstacles such as a customs inspection. Therefore, please plan with sufficient buffer!